Animation, videography, and graphic design can add significant value to your sales tools, especially if your target audience has a non-technical background.

These visualizations help your audience understand complex processes in a short amount of time while maintaining technical accuracy and providing visual eye candy. Your potential client is much more likely watch a short animation of your proposed product or service rather than reading an e-mail or a press release.

Visualizations will shine in presentations and will make your message stand out from your competitors. Your audience will pay more attention and will be more engaged with your brand and the services and/or products that you offer.

I provide animation and motion design that builds on your solid foundation.

My services are offered world-wide and on short notice, which allows you to focus on your service and/or product while presenting it in a visually enticing way.

Core capabilities include 2D and 3D animation and videography for presentations, visualizations, and product releases as well as graphic design for presentations and products for client outreach.

I specialize in content creation for aerospace and aviation companies and their various needs.