Hot Date (TV Series): Screen Simulations

The Pop Originals series “Hot Date” by Emily Axford and Brian Murphy of CollegeHumor incorporated many scenes with smartphones and other screen devices. In order to allow the most flexibility in production for the creators, the screens of these devices were simulated in post-production to allow for last-minute changes.

These screen simulations were created over the course of four months for all ten episodes and I was pleased to handle all stages of this process. It was crucial to develop a clear vision of the anticipated content before the graphics were being mapped onto the devices to enable streamlined feedback loops.

Process examples:

I really enjoyed working on the show and recommend it to all my friends since working on it.


Pop TV:


Amazon Prime TV:

Motion Graphics
Tobias Mattner

Method Studios Chicago Team
Creative Director: Brett Glover
Additional Motion Graphics: Beau Wright
Compositing: Mark Anderson, Ryan Wood