RadioBro: Script, 2D-Animation

RadioBro from Huntsville, AL tasked us to come up with a visualization of their new product called “MicroBat”. This is a small device that can detect gun shots, analyze them, and automatically report the shooter’s location to the police.

The animation was shown during a live on-stage presentation. The animation does not have an audio track to allow the presenter to guide the audience vocally.

Script, 2D Animation
Tobias Mattner

Storyboard, Concept, Design, 3D Animation, Compositing
Anthony Malagutti


Huawei: style frames

I was brought on by The Mill Chicago to help create style frames for a 15 second VFX shot in a HUAWEI commercial. The goal was to visualize data connectivity around the globe.

The final commercial can be viewed above. Below are the different stages of the concept development, which I was part of. The animation was handled by other artists (see credits below).

Concept/Style Frames
Tobias Mattner

The Mill Chicago Team
Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
Design/Animation: Amador Valenzuela, Sam Cividanis, Luis Miranda, Zach Landua, Austin Marola, Donnie Bauer
Producer: Mike Pullan