Airbus: Experience Center

As an aviation enthusiast it was my honor to work on a project for global aerospace leader Airbus. Their new Experience Center should showcase the company’s flagship products across commercial, military, and space & defense. Leviathan’s task was to build a unique interactive experience using projection mapping and intuitive touch interface solutions.

My goal in the project included unifying all 3D models for future use in interactive applications like Touch Designer. When necessary, textures had to be altered to match the overall visual direction as well as additional modeling for updated aircrafts.

Full description and additional visual references located at:

3D Modeling/Texturing
Tobias Mattner

Leviathan Team
Creative Director: Kyle Shoup
Producer: James Turek
Co-Producer: Gina Giambalvo
Sr. Engineer: Adam Berg
Technical Director: Bradon Webb
Programming & IT: David Braun, Lucas Schira
Design: Alexis Copeland, Gareth Fewel, Marco Giampaolo, Anthony Malagutti
2D Animation: Nik Braatz
3D Modeling: Andrew Butterworth, Jesus Bibian Jr., Tobias Mattner
3D Animation: Nathan Davies, Casey Hupke
Sound Design: Lucas Schira
Executive Producer: Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Case Study Leviathan Team
Editor: Kirill Mazor
Design: Gareth Fewel, Catherine Kim
Producers: Gina Giambalvo, Erica Grubman
3D Animation: Andrew Butterworth, Nathan Davies
Color: Tom Rovak
Sound Design: Dustin Camilleri
Soundtrack: Marmaset