BMW: Dome Case Study

I got the chance to work on a case study for Leviathan’s client BMW/Harman Kardon. I created the 2D dome scale animation at about 20 seconds into the project and shot all live action shots, except the shots at 0:12 and 1:04. Here’s the link to the project:

Project description from Leviathan:

BMW’s ultimate driving experience event draws hordes of car enthusiasts and offers them a rare opportunity to interact with and even drive over 80 luxury vehicles. Given the automaker’s recent partnership with audio manufacturer Harman Kardon, a co-branded experience would be ideal, but not easily done.

Using an inflatable projection dome as a weatherproof theater, Leviathan created an immersive content installation featuring stunning 360° projected dome content and 7.1 surround sound. BMW and Harman Kardon were both integrated equally and seamlessly into the concept, which served to excite, inspire and educate visiting consumers.

Designed to tour throughout the year, this experience hits 8 cities over 74 days, reaching thousands of attendees nationwide.

Live Action Racetrack
Tobias Mattner

2D Dome Scale animation
Tobias Mattner

Leviathan Team
Bradon Webb – Creative Director
Ellen Schopler – Producer
Kelsey Barrentine – Associate Producer
Anthony Malagutti – 3D Animation, Render, and Composite
Andrew Butterworth – 3D Animation, Lighting, and Render
Nate Davies – 3D Animation, Lighting, and Render
Zach LaPlante – 3D Modeling, Animation, Lighting and Render
David Brodeur – 2D Design & Animation, 3D Animation
Chris Beers – Lead Compositor
Joe Lawrence – Composite
Anthony Morelle – 2D Animation
Mike LaHood – Editor
Michael Tello – 2D Design
Mike Coon – Storyboard Artist